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Lets make Carlisle a Destination, not a Drive Through!

Elect Michael Kilpatrick for Carlisle Council

Why I'm Running

 I love our little village (soon to be city). We have a lot going for us; new school, attractive neighborhoods, excellent business locations and  many opportunities. 

But let's not hold ourselves back. Since we’ve moved here I’ve talked to hundreds of residents of the town and listened to what their aspirations, fears, frustrations, and concerns are.

It's evident we need change, and as a multiple business owner, father and educator, I have the vision and experience to make that happen.

Lets Talk the Issues

First, I’m a pro-life father of three who has my CCW, stands proudly for medical and educational freedom, and thinks our school mascot is honoring of this regions heritage!

But anyone who runs in Carlisle is probably going to tell you that. What about the REAL issues facing Carlisle?

Responsible Growth.  Government Overreach. Balancing our Budget. Attracting New Businesses.

These are the actual issues we face. Where do I stand and what ideas do I have to serve our community?

1. Support and develop businesses in Carlisle

Whether its supporting existing businesses or finding unique ways bring new business in, Carlisle has a lot to offer. Let’s bring in new businesses and revenue that our community needs! If we don’t bring in more revenue, we will have to start cutting services as we will be facing deficits according to our finance director.

Attracting business can be challenging! But a couple things will help:

  • A dedicated economic development person that holds business's hands as they navigate the complex process of coming into town. If you have to wait weeks, or months, to get answers you are moving on. (We already have the approval to hire someone, but we haven't for over a year)
  • A cost sharing program for the expensive infrastructure that Carlisle requires. There are a lot of missing sidewalks and storm drains that are put on the business owners to install. We need to develop a cost share, or at least a tax abatement, on the cost of implementing these. 
  • ​A City Council and Zoning Commission that wants to attract businesses and having me there as a YES vote when businesses come will encourage them to set up in town.

2. Streamline City Hall Processes

Over the last year I’ve dealt with city hall multiple times on many different projects. Let’s face it, it’s not easy. Many residents have spoken to me about how confusing and hard it is to get anything done and business owners have stated they won’t expand or move into our municipality because of the red tape. Let’s review current processes, implement best practices, and work to make Carlisle somewhere easier to live and make. a living!

How can we Simplify City Hall?

  • It shouldn't take weeks to get a permit to put in a shed, and you shouldn't be caught between the city, and the inspectors (which are contracted from Springboro) in a "he said, she said" situation. We should follow the rules that we have, and if they don't' make sense, change them. I propose a review of the current code, and a simplification and modernization of them.
  • ​Did you know it takes Carlilians an collective 4,186 hours a year to pay their sewer, water and trash bills? (2093 households, 10 minutes for each household per month) Something that could be easily automated (if a resident chose to opt-in) with the right technology? Lets get it done! Other cities offer it already!
  • ​City hall transparency is vital. Right now, City Hall is shrouded in mystery, depending on the day, you get a different answer if your boat can be parked in your backyard, or whether you need a permit for your fence!  Let's clearly communicate with our residents on what the rules are, where they can go for answers, and why their taxes are the way they are. In a recent facebook poll in the "Lets Talk Carlisle" group, 87% had no idea of the breakdown of their property taxes.

3. Build community!

I love seeing new folks show up at the farm and experience what we’re growing. To me, its all about knowing and connecting with our community! We’ve had some great recent events that have brought our community together and I look forward to continuing and helping to expand these community centric events! Let’s enjoy Carlisle together!

How can we enjoy our community?

  • Continue the fabulous work that Kim Bilbrey (Village Council) has been doing with the summer concerts, Business and Yard of the Month!
  • ​Work to make our parks more attractive with new attractions and more shade trees.
  • ​Support Railroad Days to make it a signature community event that draws in large crowds like the Germantown Pretzel Festival or Preble County Pork Festival.


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What does responsible growth look like?

Lets face it, we don't want to become a traffic choked, overcrowded city. We love our small town feel, low crime rates, and good schools. We need to grow, but grow with intention. As we keep adding houses, we need to keep our services and businesses to match. I envision three distinct keys: 
1. Keeping our community updated on changes so they can let their voice be heard. 
2. Encourage independent businesses, not chains, to encourage the small town feel. 
3. Talk to other municipalities that have done responsible growth well, and get best practices.

Who is Michael?

I'm a young business owner who gets things done. I am the first person in 8 years to successfully start a new brick and mortar business in Carlisle.  I understand just how tough it can be to navigate everything needed to make it work and the reasons that new businesses don't want to come. 

As a life-long business owner, (Farm on Central is our third) I understand what it takes to provide services, manage people, and work with government agencies to build a better future for our kids.

My Qualifications

  • Owner, Farm on Central
  • ​Husband and Father of three
  • ​Small Business owner for over 17 years
  • ​Founding Board Member, Pitney Meadows Community Farm

I was Born in Saint Louis, moved to upstate NY (Glens Falls Area) and then moved to the Dayton area in 2015 to be near my wife's family after we had our first child, Charlotte.

My wife, Savannah McCoy Kilpatrick, grew up in Germantown. Gary McCoy, my father-in-law, grew up in Carlisle, and Joyce and Roy McCoy who lived their entire lives on Lomar Drive, were active at Hillcrest Baptist Church. 

Our other business, Growing Farmers, helps farmers around the globe learn how to build profitable, sustainable farming systems and feed their communities.

I want to hear from you!!

I look forward to hearing your thoughts and comments. I want to be a listening ear and understanding heart to our community and those who have been here much longer than I have. And I want to thank those who have given us a warm welcome, and encouraged me to be part of the change I want to see. A huge thank you to Kim Bilbrey and Debbie Kemper that have been encouraging me and showing me the ropes along the way as I look to serve on city council!

My Cell: ‪(937) 985-0630

My Email: kilpatrickcarlislecouncil@gmail.com